About US


Owner and Chef, Maggie Shaw

I find myself gravitating to the kitchen when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad, angry, or need creative inspiration. Suddenly I'm elbow deep in a batch of cookies or making the perfect egg sandwich or figuring out how to modify a recipe to have my own personal flair. But most importantly, I find myself in the kitchen; my creative spirit and drive, my happiness, and my self-esteem. I hope that I can impart the joy that cooking brings to my life to yours.

I built Cognitive Kitchen drawing from concepts in public health, occupational therapy, traditional culinary ideologies, as well as my own personal experiences in the workplace and kitchen. I did an intensive culinary program at the French Culinary Institute and then received my Master's Degree from NYU in Food and Nutritional Studies where I focused my research on using food and cooking as a community health intervention tool. 

My personal and professional focus has always been using food and cooking as a way to improve the lives of others. In my professional experience working in kitchens, I have witnessed how revolutionary something as simple as cooking can be to mood, self-esteem, and personal achievement. Working as a chef in a large-scale community based mental health program, I was able to witness the transformative nature of cooking in people's day-to-day lives. This experience, coupled with my academic research and personal passion, has helped me understand how to employ cooking in the most therapeutic ways to combat stress and improve mental wellness.

I'm excited to lend my experience, joy, and sense of adventure to your community and to your plate. Let's get cooking!