Our Idea

Coping with stress, anxiety, and depression does not have to be an isolating experience. Most people have these experiences at some point in their life-- you are far from alone! And the great news is that there are many ways to work through those feeling that do not necessarily involve traditional therapy, medications, or other expensive and invasive programs. 

Our Approach

Cognitive Kitchen combines the process of cooking a meal with traditional behavioral therapies and mindfulness practices to create a program that is fun and therapeutic. You build different types of coping skills because you are in a positive and supportive environment. When you are physically and mentally engaged, it redirects your physical behavior to change your mental behavior which can allow you to move forward in your treatment.

Some of the potential outcomes for program participants include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving decision-making, focus, and concentration
  • Positive social engagement and relationship building
  • Fostering creative expression
  • Curbing isolating behaviors
  • Impeding procrastination and passivity
  • Building sense of community

Our Customers

Your needs matter the most and Cognitive Kitchen is a program that is designed to accommodate you. Whether you are a total novice to the kitchen or a Michelin-star chef, the purpose of the program is to engage you in an environment that is supportive, creative, immersive, and mindful:

Companies and Small Businesses: We offer classes and workshops that are wonderful for team-building, offsite retreats, and fun after work get togethers in a more casual setting.

Middle and High Schools: We have after-school classes for students to learn how to cook basic recipes, make new friends, and build self-esteem through learning new skills.

Colleges and Universities: We offer workshops for students to decompress during stressful times- college orientation, midterms and final exams, as well as opportunities to engage in sober activities that are fun and creative.

Small Groups: We have customized classes we offer for social gatherings, special occasions, and weekend activities for small groups either in-home or offsite.

Individual Sessions: We offer 1-1 in-home cooking programs to help mitigate depression, anxiety, and social isolation through positive engagement in a familiar environment. 

We have many ready to schedule programs that are designed for many types of needs, but we can also custom design a program that works well for you! Check out our PROGRAMS to see the full list of courses we offer to our clients.