Our Idea

For Business Communities

Mental health issues are a leading cause of lost productivity in the United States with an annual cost of $44 billion to employers—that is a massive cost that employers cannot ignore. But, many employers may find the topics of mental health and self-care difficult to tackle in the workplace. By proactively choosing to address mental health and creating a culture of wellness, staff are much more likely to remain with the organization for longer durations and provide consistent, excellent service to the company and clients alike. 

For Individuals Seeking A Support Network

If you are struggling with mental health issues, it can have negative impacts in all aspects of your life. You may feel isolated from friends and loved ones, you may find it more difficult to engage in activities that you once enjoyed, and you may not be taking the best care of yourself for your optimal wellness. There are many scenarios when mental health issues can arise suddenly and unexpectedly; a major life transition, the death of a loved one, seasonal mood disorders, the loss of a job, or even the birth of a child. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your mental health, it can be challenging to find a community to build the network you need to feel supported. 

Our Approach

Cognitive Kitchen combines the process of cooking a meal with traditional behavioral therapies to create a program that is fun and therapeutic. Giving people the opportunity to work as a team in a unique kitchen setting can improve channels of communication, help create new relationships, and allow program participants to have time to effectively and thoughtfully problem-solve in a low-pressure setting.

Working in a kitchen, as opposed to other types of wellness settings, is more adaptable to program participants because it is an environment they are already familiar with and the concepts they learn can be taken home and practiced without any special knowledge or equipment. The skills and insight that program participants gain can translate to multiple areas of life to create a greater overall sense of well-being.

Some of the potential outcomes for program participants include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving decision-making, focus, and concentration

  • Positive social engagement and relationship building

  • Fostering creative expression

  • Improving ability to cope with stressful situations

  • Opening channels of communications

  • Impeding procrastination and passivity

  • Building sense of community

  • Improving self-care and personal wellness habits

There are many programs that address improving work/life balance and may even help create opportunities for people to explore new concepts of wellness. But, most programs are unsustainable, cost great sums of money, and are difficult to relate back to real life because they require special equipment, exclusive spaces, or extensive knowledge about the topic. Everyone has been in a kitchen at some point in their lives and we all eat, which makes this program much more accessible than other wellness systems out there. Cognitive Kitchen takes the casual setting of a kitchen and creates a space for program participants to build new skills, have fun experiences, and explore ways to build a strong community and network of support.

Our Customers

We want you to have an engaging and positive experience with Cognitive Kitchen. Each program is thoughtfully designed to immerse you in an environment that is supportive, creative, and mindful. Check out our PROGRAMS to see the full list of courses we offer to our clients. 


One of the biggest challenges businesses face when trying to address the needs of their workforce is time. We offer a variety of choices that can suite many different work communities from quick pop-up events to full day retreats. Each program is completely customizable to your unique team needs and we review what the group learned, what surprised program participants, and what takeaways they will use after the program.


When trying to find supports as an individual it can be intimidating to join an event with strangers. We design our programs for individuals to meet in small group settings which make interactions more personal and intimate while providing greater opportunities for networking and community building.Small group programs offer the opportunity for more open-ended discussion and experience sharing.